Selected Writing

book reviews

Mother Knows Best: review of Diary of a Void.The Baffler.

Toad and a Woman’s Desire.Ploughshares Blog.

The Slippery Reality of Bliss Montage.” Ploughshares Blog.

Pure Colour and Presence.Ploughshares Blog.

Either/Or’s Aesthetic Questioning.Ploughshares Blog.

Joy is Resistance”: On Miriam Toews’ Fight Night.Cleveland Review of Books.

Cassandra at the Wedding‘s Economies of Sisterhood.” Ploughshares Blog.

“Disembodied Work in Severance and Several People Are Typing.Ploughshares Blog.

The Promise of Karaoke.Ploughshares Blog.

Doom-Scroll: On Lauren Oyler’s Fake Accounts.Cleveland Review of Books.

Love, the Archive.” Ploughshares Blog.

reading lists

Questioning the Stories We Hold: A Reading List Inspired by Annie Ernaux.Longreads.

17 Small Press Books From 2022 That You Might Have Missed.Electric Literature.

A Book for Every Era of Taylor Swift.Electric Literature.

What’s The Vibe? A Reading List.Longreads.

7 Novels Set During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Electric Literature.

Unseasonal Reading: Enjoying Books as They Come.The Millions.

How to Be Lonely: A Booklist. The Millions.

culture writing

Congrats, Hun.Avidly.

Belly Up.Real Life.

When Harry Met Sally Makes Adult Weekends Aspirational.Electric Literature.

These Cheery Dish Towels Brighten Up My Winter.Bon Appétit.


Budapest, Lover.Los Angeles Review.

Every Year I Tell Myself This Summer Will Be the Best One Yet.Electric Literature.


Interview with Martin Riker, on The Guest Lecture. Electric Literature.

Interview with Lynn Steger Strong, on Flight. Electric Literature.

Interview with Tess Gunty, on The Rabbit Hutch. Electric Literature.